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My Estate Includes Cal State Fullerton

Have you already included a gift to the Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation in your estate? Let us know by filling out this quick form with our partner FreeWill, so that we can invite you to join the Ontiveros Legacy Society!


You can also use our dedicated online gift and bequest designation form below.

The information in this form is protected by university policy and considered confidential by the Office of Planned Giving. The information you provide will be used to assure your gift is directed toward your desired purpose and to provide recognition of your gift if you choose.

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This statement is an expresion of my current plans and may be revoked. I understand that this statement is not legally binding on my estate and that this information is solely for university use to facilitate proper application of my gift at the time it arrives. I understand all planned and deferred gifts are subject to the administrative fee in effect at the time the gift arrives.