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Directors of Development



Todd Frandsen, Associate Vice President
657-278-8569   |

Carlos Leija, Associate Vice President, College and Program Development
657-278-4869   |

College of the Arts

Dominic Mumolo, Senior Director of Development
657-278-4396  |

College of Business and Economics

Jennie Steward, Executive Director of Development
657-278-9617  |

College of Communications

Katie McGill, Executive Director of Development
657-278-2532   |

College of Education

Lauren Sieven, Senior Director of Development
657-278-4320   |

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Michael Karg, Senior Executive Director of Development
657-278-3348  |

College of Health and Human Development

Elizabeth Eastin, Senior Director of Development
657-278-2310  |

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Melissa Martinez, Senior Director of Development
657-278-4847   |

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Michael Karg, Senior Executive Director of Development
657-278-3348   |

Foundation Relations, Planned Giving and Special Programs

Lauren Sieven, Senior Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations
657-278-4320   |


Hart Roussel, Director of Planned Giving
657-278-5429   |

Titan Athletics

Jeffrey Gilstrap, Senior Director of Development, Athletics
657-278-4516   |