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'Better Together' in Education

Better Together: California Teachers Summit

Hundreds of educators from across Orange County and the region came to Cal State Fullerton this summer for the first-of-its-kind "Better Together: California Teachers Summit."

This unprecedented day of learning was supported by grants, including $1.25 million to Cal State Fullerton, from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The daylong, July 31 event gave teachers a unique opportunity to hear from other educators and speakers, as well as share cuttingedge strategies and proven best practices to teach the new California Standards in math and English language arts. Cal State Fullerton was a leader for the statewide event, which brought more than 15,000 teachers to 33 locations across California. The California State University, New Teacher Center and the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities and its member institutions partnered to organize the summit, co-sponsored by the California Department of Education.

"Teachers gathered for a day of sharing, learning and networking to create a better future for California students," said Claire Cavallaro, dean of CSUF's College of Education, which led the CSU effort. For educators like Richard Torres '97, '04 (B.A. English, M.S. educationeducational administration), who teaches sixth grade at Cambridge Elementary School in Orange, the summit was an opportunity to grow professionally through exchanges of ideas, ingenuity and passion.

"So many times we sit in rooms and we're taught by people who don't spend time teaching in the classroom. They have ideas and strategies that they've developed through research, but they haven't necessarily been in the classroom and practiced it," said Torres. "We're looking toward each other for the answers... to grow as educators."


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